What’s Your Social Style?

Posted by mneeley on January 30, 2012

My Interview with Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist & Chief Social Marketing Office at Collective Bias

Tell me a bit about what you do?

I am a social marketing strategist and in March 2009 started using and evangelizing the term ROR, Return on Relationship™… a concept I believe is the cornerstone for building an engaged multi-million member database, many of whom are vocal advocates for your brand, like the one I built for e.l.f. Cosmetics (EyesLipsFace.com) as the Chief Marketing Officer between 2008 and 2010, and the one built for OpenSky.

Return on Relationship™, simply put, is the value that is accrued by a person or brand due to nurturing a relationship. ROI is simple $’s and cents. ROR is the value (both perceived and real) that will accrue over time through loyalty, recommendations and sharing. ROR is used to define and educate companies, brands, and people about the importance of creating authentic connection, interaction, and engagement with consumers.

What is your Social Style? Do you use Humor, Straightforward, etc.

I believe that it’s All About Relationships… so I focus on interacting and engaging with those who follow me. For me style is all about being authentic, showing who you are and being consistent. I share a lot, not only about my business philosophy, but about being a Dad, and a host of other topics that ignite my passion and thoughts.

Tell me about your Twitter handle

I have three personal Twitter handles… @TedRubin@Parentng, and @R_onR.@TedRubin is my primary and encompasses everything there is about me personally and professionally. I use Twitter as a publishing platform… a place I can write very quickly and easily present my thinking, get feedback, share, and learn. Learn what others are thinking and how they respond to my thoughts, theories, and ideas. I also love that there is always someone to reach out and interact with whether with purpose or simply to be social. And the immediate and always present serendipity of Twitter puts a smile on my face and has consistently added value to my life.

@R_onR is focused on the topic of Return on Relationship™, and @Parentng speaks for itself :-)

What is your favorite social networking site?

Clearly Twitter… that is where I spend most of my time. I like Facebook, especially for the way it connects you with more of people’s lives, but for interacting/engaging, immediacy and expressing your thoughts… there is nothing like Twitter.

What makes you stand out on FB, Twitter, or Linkedin, or any social site that you use?

Probably my authenticity, willingness to share my thinking and show the world who I really am, and the fact the I consistently publish original thinking. Also that I try to do what people like most when you spend time with them in person… look them in the eye, although I do it digitally.

What do you like most about social media?

The ability to connect to so many, and build relationships with people you most probably would never have met without these platforms.

What do you like least about social media?

The fact that so many people, and companies, are getting lost in the numbers and not interacting and engaging. The words “Friend,” “Like,” and “Fan” have lost so much value. We need to take them back and give them real value again.

If there was one area that you think you need help in while using social media what would that be?

The ability to step away and turn it off. Hard to stop as it is 24/7 and I always feel I might be missing an opportunity.

What does Branding mean to you?

Branding is the art of becoming known, liked and trusted… which makes relationship building the end game of Branding.

What advice would you give to others trying to get started and noticed through these social media platforms?

Get out there, be a prolific publisher, be authentic… “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss

What is your favorite blog?

SethGodin.com… simply brilliant.

What is your favorite social media tool to use?

Tweetdeck… love it.

Do you think the number of followers or fans matter?

Yes and no. I believe many are looking at this in too narrow a fashion. Everyone is trying to assign a dollar value to a Facebook fan or Twitter follower instead of addressing the fact that the engagement and interaction that takes place in these mediums are what is incredibly important to a brand, whether corporate or personal. Building a relationship with existing and future followers is the true value and strength of social media/marketing. So big numbers are good if relationships are built and value added. If not, then they are insignificant.

What inspires you?

To not only be a part of the lives of my daughters, but to have influence on how they think, reason, and develop.

I believe being a Father transcends how we feel moment-to-moment. We have to remember that everything we do is being observed, recorded, and processed in the present, and the future, and will be a key component of our children’s emotional development… especially for children who are the products of divorce. They are always watching/observing, and although they cannot truly understand it all now, our interactions are being stored for future analysis… whether conscious or subconscious it will all affect the way they view the world, friendship, love and affection.

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