Lisa Thal is an Author, Speaker, and Life Coach.  She authored “Three Word Meetings”… A Simple Strategy to Engage, Inspire, and Empower Your Team. Make an impact on those you lead by using three words!

Via Lisa… In Episode 49, I share a conversation with Ted Rubin, author of Return On Relationship. We discuss how to create ROR while achieving ROI. Ted is a leading social marketing strategist, author, speaker, provocateur, CMO of Photofy, and sits on various advisory boards.

Ted believes the key to continued success for any brand/retailer/e-tailer is identifying with the customer. Ted is quick to point out “listening is finally getting the respect it deserves through Social Media… listen and adjust your message to make it relevant to your consumer. Brand loyalty declines due to lack of relevance… a direct result of not listening.” “Number one is always trying to understand who your customer is and pay attention.” And in that vein, you better start to understand that SIMPLICITY is the new EDLP! Make it easy for them, and they will buy from you again and again and again. Frictionless fulfillment is the retail of the future.

Your Brand/Business is what you do; your Reputation is what people Remember and Share.

Ted is a globally recognized authority on marketing, customer/brand dynamics, and consumer relationship building. Ted’s engaging and powerful message not only inspires his audiences but leaves them with actionable insights that they can put to work on their businesses immediately. Ted’s core marketing philosophy, Return on Relationship (#RonR), has proven to be transformational for companies that embrace the opportunity that social media has offered them to build meaningful relationships with their customers. ~Lisa Thal

To contact Ted, 516-270-5511 or email him [email protected]


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