Love You Dad…

I don’t get to celebrate Father’s Day in the traditional way as a Dad, so I cherish my daughters from afar, am thankful for their intelligence, health and beauty (#ThisDadWontQuit), and I do my best to relish this day as a son with thoughts of my Dad.  “Yellow roses grow in heaven, Lord pick a […]

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First Father’s Day Without My Dad

  First Father’s Day without my Dad, there is a void, an expectation that he is still here, as he ALWAYS will be for me. This says it all… “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me” ~Jim Valvano “We thought of you with love today. But […]

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My Mom Taught Me to be Available

My mom was the one in the neighborhood who always was available to drive to and from any activity, and she insisted on taking anyone home who did not have a ride. She worked full-time as an elementary school teacher but always managed to make the time, be there for anything and everything, and show […]

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Forget B2B or B2C and Focus on BwB or BwC Instead ~guest post via @BLichtenwalner

The terms “Business to Business” (B2B) and “Business to Consumer” (B2C) are outdated. These terms imply your business is doing something to a customer. That may be how business was conducted decades ago, but it’s always been better – and is now necessary – to conduct business with your customer. Business to a customer is a transaction. Business with a...

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Wrap Social Around Your Business Processes to Reap Greater CX Rewards ~via @InsideCXM

  There is no doubt anymore that the social media revolution has made permanent changes to the communication landscape-both for companies and individuals. However the individual changes are what’s driving the social media industry in business, and many companies are still slow picking up on this. I talked about this before in a blog about […]

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