“Moments” Marketing

Marketers love re-targeting, and it’s a pretty natural, if misguided, instinct. This person bought something, or looked at something, they seemed happy enough about buying it, so let’s not let the party end without getting them to buy even more. We all experience it as consumers. Spend a few hundred dollars on a new phone, […]

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How to Build Customer Trust and Get a Return on Relationship ~via @Hyken

Ted’s interview begins at minute 9:40. Feel free to listen to Shep himself talk about How to Create Trust for the first 9:40 minutes. Shep Hyken speaks with brand evangelist, social marketing strategist, and keynote speaker, Ted Rubin about branding, customer service, customer experience and, most important, building trust (with both employees and customers). Ted is […]

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Branding Genius: Old School Tactic Crushes a $40 Billion Market ~via @davidbrier

They ignore all the brand rules of retail: Sell nothing online. Encourage touching and interacting with products. A lot. (Even scheduling visits to try out their showers in their stores.) Include no technical information for brands and products. Give away free cappuccinos and beverages, and They’re doubling their revenue each year, exceeding $225 million in […]

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Ted Rubin "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

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