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It is not ok to just use social channels to just broadcast.


It is not ok to simply advertise and call it Social Media.


It is not ok to block employees from accessing social media sites while at work.


It is not ok to discourage employees from building their own personal brands.


It is not ok to allow PR agencies to be your social voice without regular input from company employees.


It is not ok to let interns set your social media strategy.


And most importantly… it is not ok for the CEOs and CMOs to make social media decisions without any knowledge of what it’s about.

#‎RonR‬… ‪#‎NoLetUp‬!

Naomi Oliver Peck

Naomi Oliver Peck I appreciate this! Thank you.

Timothy Hughes

Timothy Hughes Totally agree with you there Ted Rubin

Julia Bramble

Julia Bramble · Friends with Brian Fanzo and 23 others

Hear hear !!
Eric Martinez

Eric Martinez Love this. Sharing with my team now!

Vikki Taylor

Vikki Taylor Yes yes yes!!

Shelley Neiss Kramm

Shelley Neiss Kramm You are a very smart man! wink emoticon

Murray A. Mann

Murray A. Mann Thank you for your thought leadership, advocacy and living#RonR #NoLetUp Will share.

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin No… thank YOU Murray! smile emoticon

Adam Contos

Adam Contos Well said! Happy New Year, Ted!

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin Happy New Year buddy. To a great 2016! smile emoticon

Suzanne Smith Longacre

Suzanne Smith Longacre Spot on! It’s all about authenticity and transparency! Followers are smart enough to know when a brand’s social is all advertising and sales based and has no true heart. Happy New Year Ted!

Jose Noblejas FD

Jose Noblejas FD Absolutely agree!

Renee Martinez

Renee Martinez Could not agree more!

Lindsey Evans

Lindsey Evans · Friends with Brian Fanzo and 18 others

Knowledge Bombs 2/2 this year!!!
Chris McManamy

Chris McManamy · Friends with Brian Fanzo and 10 others

Bringing the truth! The third and fourth points will be my biggest challenges. I want to succeed on my own.
Claudia Krusch

Claudia Krusch I like your post so much! So many of the clients that we manage unfortunately don’t understand that!

Chris McManamy

Chris McManamy · Friends with Brian Fanzo and 10 others

Not just clients but the public majority doesn’t understand. It’s time for people like us to change that thinking.
Claudia Krusch

Claudia Krusch I agree with you 100% Chris McManamy

Kristin Smith Andree

Kristin Smith Andree So true! Keep spreading the word Ted — Happy New Year to you!

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin Back at ya Kristin! smile emoticon

Jillian Glancy

Jillian Glancy · Friends with Samantha Kelly

I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!
Ted Rubin
Ted Rubinwink emoticon
Warren Bobrow

Warren Bobrow What’s not ok is the culture that makes it permissible to bully in the workplace. By withholding access to the outside world companies perpetuate their silo attitudes and steadfastly refuse to make changes. I learned from 20 years in the C level that this just does not work.

Ted Rubin
Ted RubinHear, hear!
Mark Olivito

Mark Olivito amazed at how many CEOs and CMOS don’t have dirt under their nails in social.

Beth Anne Davis

Beth Anne Davis Preach it Ted, Amen to all of the above. You are so wise, I wish everyone could think like you. Or learn from you. #RonR #NoLetUp

Chris Pickett · Friends with Chris Mikulin

Does that guy even have a gram of clue in his entire body? He just proved himself as irrelevant now.
Meghan Finley

Meghan Finley This is why I love you

Ted Rubin

Ted Rubin Ahhhhh… so sweet

Eva Ponce

Eva Ponce · Friends with Brian Fanzo and 28 others

Yes! Yes! Yes! Love this post ?
Keith Spiro

Keith Spiro Woo Hoo!!!!! Thank you Ted Rubin for telling like it really needs to be stated out there. Authentic Real time and person to person #RonR Are you listening brands, PR agencies, advertisers and those who pay their bills?

Jermaine Young


Nathaniel Hansen

Nathaniel Hansen This is a message for all major brands to hear right now. Right now.

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