#NoLetUp 2

There’s a buddy of mine named Tony Luisi, whom I met when I was at 1-800-Flowers. He was on my team and supported me with corporate sales and a lot of other things. A very active guy, a ball player and a Dad, Tony started using the phrase “No Let Up,” with regard to honoring persistence and a relentless spirit, and fund-raising purposes for worthy causes. Tony thought it was a great fit for me, too, so he reached out and suggested I use it in some way. It really resonated with me so I created the hashtag #NoLetUp! and started using it in a number of different contexts and incorporating it in my Return on Relationship and #ThisDadWontQuit message. Here’s what it means to me.

The term #NoLetUp! is about life. It’s about business. It’s about health. It’s everything, really. The concept became real to me when I was battling in the courts to keep my daughters in my life, and I realized that winning the court battle is just the beginning—it’s an every-day effort to stay connected to your kids, especially for single parents. But for all parents, heck—they’re your kids! So there’s #NoLetUp! there. We’ve got to always be going, communicating, staying connected and loving them. It never ends. That’s true of all relationships you cherish with family, friends and business associates. If you want to keep those relationships, your efforts are never ending.

#NoLetUp! is true of business as well. So many of us think that “Wow, if I can just get this next gig, or the next client then I can relax,” but no, there’s #NoLetUp! there. If we want to be successful we have to embrace that. That doesn’t mean you can’t take a day or a weekend to recharge, but you can’t sit on your laurels—you’ve got to keep working it.

To me it’s also about concentrating on human connection, even in this digital age when we’re connected 24/7 on a variety of social platforms that keep evolving. There’s #NoLetUp! when we wake up with our phones and are always checking in to see what communication is going on, what’s happening in the world—what’s happening in our day. You just can’t say, “Stop the world, I wanna get off!” It’s happening around us whether we’re involved or not, and if we slow down or stop, we lose something important.

I think #NoLetUp! can apply to any situation that requires effort on our part. It could be something personal like making for time for yourself, family vacation, the effort to stay healthy, exercise, and watch what we eat. Sure, there are goals (like I want to lose 20 lbs or get ready for a marathon), but you don’t just stop when you’ve reached them, if you are doing it right… you keep going.

It also applies to group efforts… like the fight to cure cancer, stop world hunger, or end homelessness—anything that we put our minds and hearts to as human beings. Things that require heart, drive, tenacity and courage—those especially deserve the #NoLetUp! tag.

Think about how #NoLetUp! applies in your life… you can apply it to just about anything, but I especially like family and group efforts. Let’s use the tag for more of those. The world can use them.

#RonR… #NoLetUp!

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