This video was created by Storyteller Jude Charles, who worked with me in the past, and approached me to create this story. These are some of his takeaways…

#ThisDadWontQuit #NoLetUp! encompasses everything you’ve ever talked about – Return on Relationship, Looking People in the Eye Digitally, Network gives you reach, Community gives you power, Do for others without expectation of anything directly in return.

My overall goal is to not only for you to use this film to share online, but to use this as your brand story.

1. Focus on the small wins in order to gain trust and love – The story of your daughter saying “your the last person I’ll call in an emergency..”
2. It’s important to have the right people around you – You mention that there were, and still are, a lot of people around you who encouraged and supported you emotionally, financially, and any way you needed them.
3. It’s not about you. Think about others. You’re persevering for them – You mention that you don’t have that much hope that you will have a better relationship with your daughters but you’re still fighting to give your daughters hope.

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Jude Charles:

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