• Be YOU… #NoLetUp!

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    “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss  

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  • A little commentary about Instagram…

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    A little commentary about Instagram… meant for those who are perpetually tagging others for nothing other than driving them to see your post, that has nothing to do with them, but you want them to “Like” it so their name appears (or seems to be approving), and to drive more Likes. I know many of the so-called “Experts” are advising you to do this, but PLEASE STOP… at the very least with me. It’s annoying, very clearly only self-serving, and IMHO a poor choice in the long-run. You may entice a few “Likes” for a

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  • Dad Spotlight: Ted Rubin Author, Social Media Strategist and Father ~ via @DadSpotlight

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    In this episode we had the chance to interview Ted Rubin who is both an author and father of two. If you don’t know who Ted Rubin is, he is a social marketing strategist, keynote speaker, brand evangelist and acting CMO of Brand Innovators. Also, in March 2009 he started publicly using and evangelizing the term ROR: Return on Relationship™ In speaking with Ted Rubin about this philosophy he talked to us about how important it was to default to happy. He brought up the great point that kids default to happy on a daily basis and he asks all of

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  • Have We Lost the Art of Conversation?

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    Have we lost the art of conversation? Has the digital age with its shortened attention spans and 140 character limits shriveled what was once our primary form of engagement? Do we bypass conversation via social channels, which allows it to happen 24/7 when used to it’s best advantage, and instead simply continue traditional marketing broadcasting… for business AND personal. I think unfortunately we have bypassed conversation, but only because “we” allow it t happen. Part of that is due to the limitations of digital conversation, but part of it is also the fact that we’ve

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  • Connecting Social to Dollars: How Do You Measure Social Media ROI? @Brandwatch Hangout Recap

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    I was a panelist on a Google Hangout hosted by Joel Windels of Brandwatch, on Connecting social to dollars: How do you measure social media ROI? It was a powerful discussion with some great talking points, and here are a few highlights: Is it worthwhile to measure the ROI of social media or is it something that can’t be measured in money? It was interesting to find out what the other experts had to say on the topic. Lauren Perkins, CEO of Perks Consulting said that it’s important to start with business outcomes. Many times

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  • CRM starts at home: Don’t drive your talent to the competition ~ via @hybris_software

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    Today’s job market is recession-weary and hyper-competitive, with a flood of potential employees for every open position. To many employers, it might seem that the odds are stacked in their favor. They can afford to be choosy, demand more and offer less. After all, there are plenty of qualified applicants waiting in the wings. However, there’s a big danger in treating your employees like a commodity. The best employees—those with high skills and/or knowledge, flexibility and a great work ethic—are hard to come by in a market flooded with desperate applicants. And those types of

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  • How to Look People in the Eye Digitally and Stories about Seth Godin [audio] ~via @YoursProductly

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    Show Notes:  5:00: Introduction of Ted Rubin 10:40: You worked with Seth Godin. Share us a bit about your experiences working with Seth? 20:00: What is the secret of your energy and passion? 23:30: What is the concept of Return on Relationship?  31:30: What do you mean when you say, “We don’t need to fit our world to digital, we need to fit digital to our world”? 34:00 How companies can be good listeners online? 36:00 What are some of the companies who are good at listening digitally? 42:00: How can small companies manage social

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  • Twitter Basics… Updated

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    The mistakes I see being made by brands is trying to measure Social engagement with the same tools we measure every other digital touch point. In my view email, search, even banner ads, have spoiled marketers into thinking everything can be and must be measured with the same metrics used to gauge success in other mediums. When initially building a social media audience, and testing it, I have three stages with which I measure: #1 Audience growth #2 is Reactivity… getting them to take an action, and #3 Stickiness… keeping them coming back, engaged and

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