• 2 Core Reasons Why Businesses Fail At Social ~via @socialfresh

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    There are several reasons why I think businesses hamstring their social efforts. 1. Companies Fear Social, Fear the Permanence of the Web First, there’s an overriding, if misguided, pressure to get things “perfect” on social, which is sometimes used as an excuse to avoid getting involved at all. The permanent nature of anything that’s posted on the web tends to freak out the “control the message” crowd who has their fingers poised over the delete button to instantly erase ill-advised comments or content. We’re never far removed from the latest social snafu by a public

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  • How to Drive Your Best Employees to the Competition

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    Today’s job market is recession-weary and hyper-competitive, with a flood of potential employees for every open position. To many employers, it might seem that the odds are stacked in their favor. They can afford to be choosy, demand more and offer less. After all, there are plenty of qualified applicants waiting in the wings. However, there’s a big danger in treating your employees like a commodity. The best employees—those with high skills and/or knowledge, flexibility, a great work ethic, and passionate—are hard to come by in a market flooded with desperate applicants. And those types

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  • How Zappos So Easily Turned a #FAIL into a Big Win

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    So unfortunate to see ads, from brands I respect, that are such #FAILS. Good idea, I have been writing about hiking for when I am in Pine, AZ and was even interested in these shoes (so clicked on the ad), so “good Job” of matchmaking Facebook… BUT who ever created this ad (probably an agency) and decided where it would link, truly DROPPED THE BALL. This is basic marketing/sales/advertising people… land me on the page with an offer for the product that enticed me to click, not on a general inventory page with this item

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  • #Hashtags are the New Water-Cooler

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    A social contact, reached out the other day and asked me my opinion about Hashtags for a presentation she is doing. This is my reply… Savvy people/marketers who want their content/conversation about a topic, or idea/ideal available in one place, create a hashtag and use it all the time, and create a “hashtag-hub”… a place where you can find all content related to that topic/idea/ideal that they have created, and created by others using the hashtag. *Hashtags create an easily accessible bookmark and/or content aggregation site. In addition using a hashtag in front of a

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  • Lighten Up… Millennials are Not That Scary!

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    If you Google the term “Millennials,” you’ll come up with about 13 million results, with titles all over the map: The Impact of Millennials Millennials Too Good for Gap but Love Walmart 15 Economic Facts About Millennials Millennials’ Banking Habits Could Make Wall Street Obsolete One article I read described Millennials as carefree, creative and self-sufficient. They’re cynical, don’t like being told what to do, and wear their social causes on their sleeves. This doesn’t describe a brand-new human type—this sounds like Baby Boomers back when they were young and just getting started—only Boomers didn’t

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  • Ted Rubin from SXSW 2015 On A #NewWayToWork ~via @IBMSocialBiz

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    Published by IBM Social Business on Jul 14, 2015 Return on Relationship, #RonR, expert Ted Rubin speaks with IBM and SocialMediaToday about a new way to work at SXSW 2015. Topics include the workplace in 10 years, most significant impact on the future of work, the future of collaboration, and org charts

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  • How Ted Rubin Learned to Always Be Connecting [video] ~ via @MarketingScope

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    Hear Ted talk on social media, brand advocacy and how he got started in marketing. Watch Episode 22 of our Marketing Mash video series to learn how Social Marketing Strategist Ted Rubin got his start in social media and marketing, and what his tactics are for always staying connected with people. Click the video below to watch, and let us know what you think in the Comments Section afterwards: Ted Rubin – Social Marketing Strategist & Keynote Speaker – @TedRubin Eric Vidal – Editor, The Marketing Scope – @EricVMarketing Don’t forget to register for and

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  • Customers to Brands: #WSILTY (Why Should I Listen To You?)

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    The words “customer experience” and “engagement” are being bandied about a lot lately, and new tools are being created every day to supposedly help brands bridge the gap between engagement and sales. But let’s not get the cart before the horse. Before you go out and spend money on the next big CEM or SaaS tool, there are two basic principles you need to work on: A Deep Understanding of Your Audience A Crystal-Clear Value Proposition If this sounds like Marketing 101 to you, well, you’re right. But you’d be surprised how many brands throw

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