• Joel Comm & Ted Rubin on the @TheMiaConnect Power Chat [video]

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    About the Event: This week’s Guest Lineup full of smarty-pants firepower: Joel Comm and Ted Rubin! I’m fairly certain the Internet will blow up when I get these two powerhouses sitting together on The Mia Connect Power Chat Virtual Interview Couch! Join me this week as I try to...

  • Give Them Something Unexpected

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    Think back on a Halloween from your childhood or your children’s childhoods. Was there an event or a person who stood out to you that was really different? Halloween is one of those events that colors our lives as children (and again as adults with children) because it’s about giving and receiving. How does Halloween relate to marketing?  Well, they’re both about perception, so here are a couple of stories that will illustrate my point. A friend of mine told me that her most memorable Halloween happened when she was four or five years old,

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  • The @MassAmplify Show Sneak Peak with Guest Ted Rubin

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    Published on Dec 31, 2014 This is a highlight of the Mass Amplify Show – it’s not just a peek behind the curtain, it is one of the many peaks of this episode with Ted Rubin! In this episode of the Mass Amplify Show, Ted Rubin author of Return on Relationship the New Measure of Success...

  • Is Twitter’s Impact Waning?

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    I say NO… it’s evolving. The social landscape continues to shift, and Twitter is no exception. However, it’s still one of my favorite social platforms for several reasons:        It keeps me “in the know” with up to the minute news        For “on the go” people like me, the short format makes it easy to connect on the fly        I love the lists and streams        Most importantly it allows me, and brands I work with, to reach out and touch people… engage, interact and build relationships, at scale, with ease. Twitter’s reach

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  • Guest Ted Rubin Interviewed on #SocialHangout

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    Streamed live on Jan 9, 2015 Recorded Live Friday January 9th 9am PST/12pm EST with Ted Rubin the leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators to  the #SocialHangout #RonR #SocialHangout Hosts: @EricLMitchell @GabeVillamizar...

  • Want to Be a Better Salesperson? Build Relationships!

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    —– Today’s knowledge-hungry consumers often know as much about a product as the people trying to sell it. So what’s your sales edge? Learning to build stronger relationships with your clients. I was reading some great information recently on social selling and how social media has changed the sales process. The power now is in the hands of socially savvy buyers who come to the table armed with as much—or even more—information than the sales professional. These days, the consumer’s sales journey can be 90 percent complete before they even think about interacting with a salesperson

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  • 3 Simple Questions and Answers for 2015

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    Question 1: Which do you think will be the most important social media trends in 2015? There is a struggle going on between automation and human interaction. Sustaining and growing any business (for profit, and especially non-profit) depends on human interaction. How you connect, collaborate, generate trust, create loyalty, keep promises and earn Return on Relationship is totally dependent on human-to-human interaction, and always will be. I think this lesson has been brought home on the social media front, especially. Companies are finding out that yes, you can automate a lot of what you do

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  • How Real-Time Analytics Can Transform a Brand

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    The last few years have transformed the way organizations utilize data. Today, the volume, variety and velocity of data is taking the business world by storm. Organizations that are able to understand and act on the data – based on analytics, but with the relationship at the forefront  – will emerge as winners. Social media, cloud and mobile have added a layer of urgency to the big data wave. As the velocity of information increases, there’s a need to process the data, analyze it for use cases that matter to a business and to make

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