• The Most Important Lesson I Learned About Failure

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    The most important lesson I learned about failure is that without it, you do not truly understand success. When success comes too easily or too early in the process, we come to believe it is the natural state of things, and when failure comes at a later date in some form or another we are most often utterly unprepared. My failures have opened my eyes to introspection and learning that has made me a better father, brother, friend, mentor… a better person. This is not to say you should seek out failure, more about how

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  • Don’t Tell Me You Don’t “Do” Business Cards

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    Don’t tell me you don’t “do” business cards. I suggest… you “do” them. It’s about connection and relationships. ‪#‎RonR‬. I posted this to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn and the following conversation transpired. I add more depth to my statement in the comments below. Thought it worthwhile to give it all a home here. Click here for the link to the Facebook post Click here for the link to the Google+ post Click here for the link to the LinkedIn post

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  • Twitter and Friendship

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    For me Twitter and new friends have gone hand-in-hand from the beginning. And I’m not just talking about gaining followers here—I’m talking about true connection, forming relationships and making things happen. I’ve never “bought” a single Twitter follower for any of my profiles, yet I’ve amassed over 700,000 followers to date (and I’ve been active since Q4 2008). How did I do it? By making a conscious effort to connect, converse, and add value always with an eye to building relationships. Three things are most important for anyone who wants to be successful using Twitter

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  • The Importance of Hitting Our Inner Reset Button

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    ——- Our brains process five times the information they did 20 years ago. Here’s how you can help your brain adapt to information overload, and remain creative and productive. Here’s a question for you: How many of the following scenarios can you identify with? I feel guilty when I’m not working. I often pull all-nighters on projects but don’t get as far as I should on them. I feel the need to prop up my idea-flow with caffeine. I check my email even on my days off and during vacation. Doing what I’m doing used

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  • So what does it take to get the Small Business involved in Social Media?

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    Well, extra time (possibly the biggest barrier), money (but really not much) and people. With social media being so time intensive, and best results coming from directly being involved, the barriers to entry get higher as a business gets smaller, but not insurmountable for those willing to put in the time, especially since it can be done at all hours, and some of the most effective times to connect via social media are very early in the morning and very late at night. In the future it is going to be critical for small businesses

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  • How Crazy Socks Became the Key…

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    —– If you’re struggling with how to build your personal brand online, you may find inspiration in this expert’s branding story. SEPTEMBER 29, 2014 Building your brand can feel like an uphill battle at times. Anyone with a clever idea and the guts to try it can do so on social media’s global platform—and there are a whole lot of people out there with clever ideas. How do you set yourself apart when there are thousands of people trying to do the same, in the same spaces? Once you get people to visit your social

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  • Without Context, Influence Falls Flat ~via @InsideCXM

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    When you’re looking for social influencers in your niche to connect with and engage, where do you start? Most people make a beeline for the flashy, neon lights of the follower count. While that mayseem a logical place to start, it’s really a flawed metric. First, anyone with a bit of internet know-how and disposable income can inflate their follower count quite easily, generally with followers who’ve got zero interest in what they’ve got to say. Then, there’s the matter of celebrity. Movie stars, athletes, artists, and other public figures often pile up followers simply by being

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  • Customer Experience Q & A with @SDL

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    What excites you about customer experience?It is not customer experience that excites me, it is the customer herself who excites me, and the relationship that will develop and lead to trust and loyalty.When did you first get involved in customer experience management?The minute I started working in sales and marketing. Everything we do as salespeople and marketers revolves around the experience we are creating, selling, and managing. Why do you feel it’s important to contribute to @InsideCXM?Brands/Companies that use social successfully reap the rewards of customer satisfaction, deeper employee loyalty, more effective knowledge sharing, improved brand

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