• Today’s Social Media Challenge for Younger Generations

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    One of the biggest challenges for the younger generations today, in business and trying to make their mark by building their personal brands via social platforms, is that all their screw-ups and “young” mistakes are out in public display for everyone to see. When I was young my stupid moves (and there were a bunch, I assure you) were only seen by those few around me, and perhaps the one or two they shared it with. Very quickly a senior colleague, mentor, or parent would jump in and course-correct. Now everyone knows and its a

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  • Look Vendors and Partners in the Eye Digitally ~via @Progressive

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    People matter. As you work to grow your small business, the relationships you establish with those who help you run it play a major role in your success. You get to know some of them (like your employees) pretty well through everyday interaction; vendors and partners, however, may be more out of sight, out of mind. I’m a great proponent of changing this dynamic, because everyone who touches your business has the potential to influence others with respect to your business. And even if you don’t see them very often or they operate in a

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  • The Groundbreaking Technology of #CES2016… Relationships! #RonR ~via @Katadhin

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    #RonR… Return on Relationship Wow, I’m on the plane back to Raleigh and processing through all the tech I just experienced in the past couple days at CES2016 with my business colleague and buddy Ted Rubin. Drones, self-driving cars, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality and the emerging Mixed Reality which enhances experiences in the real world. Over 170,000 people (according to our Über driver which is as good as Google I figure) all convened to share and explore the latest in technology and innovation. No matter were I looked, the most amazing thing I saw and heard however

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  • Empathy: The Groundwork for Building Lasting Relationships

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    The “and so it goes” phenomenon of going back to school that was so prevalent when school started again this year reminded me of how important milestones are to the people experiencing them, and why we need to cultivate empathy in all of our relationships (especially during those milestones). Perhaps you’re a parent sending a child off to a new school or college, an employer welcoming a new employee, or even a salesperson nurturing a prospect through a difficult decision-making process. In any type of relationship, the ability to empathize with what the other person is

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  • Be Truly Present, Be Good to People

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    Ted Rubin, Future Strong Hero Interview ~via Bill Jensen Social Marketing Strategist, Acting CMO of Brand Innovators Author, Return on Relationship  • • • • • • • • • • • How do you stay Future Strong? Back in 1997, I was with working with Seth Godin at Yoyodyne when he coined the term, Permission Marketing. That’s where my focus — Return on Relationship — got started, and I carried that into the social commerce explosion. My advice to everyone is stop worrying about what’s next, and execute on what’s now. I see too many people looking

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  • Reinvention Conversation with Ted Rubin ~via @hollisthomases

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    A long-time digital veteran and pioneer, Ted Rubin has worked for some of the most prestigious brands in sales and marketing leadership and has authored several best-selling books including “Return on Relationship.” Key Reinvention Take-Aways from Ted’s Interview: Be careful about...

  • How to innovate: Create a conversation, not a presentation ~via @hybris_software

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    When tapping your company’s brain trust to come up with new ways to tackle problems or innovate new products or services, what’s the best way to move forward? If you’re thinking about brainstorming, you’ve got a lot of company. However, I believe that while the concept of brainstorming is a good one, the traditional process should be reworked. How many of you have been in brainstorming sessions when brains were actually storming… my guess is very few. The Traditional Approach is Broken Brainstorming sessions traditionally gather a handful of an organization’s best thinkers in the

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  • It’s Not OK to…

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    IT’S NOT OK…   It is not ok to just use social channels to just broadcast.   It is not ok to simply advertise and call it Social Media.   It is not ok to block employees from accessing social media sites while at work.   It is not ok to discourage employees from building their own personal brands.   It is not ok to allow PR agencies to be your social voice without regular input from company employees.   It is not ok to let interns set your social media strategy.   And most

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