• Boomers Get Social Best, Because They Have Relationship Building Experience

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    You’ve often heard me say that social media should be more about building real relationships than just ‘friending/liking/following’ a lot of people. That’s why I think Baby Boomers ‘get’ social media better than those who were born into it—because they’re old hats at building person-to-person relationships. And that’s not just because I’m one of them! We Learned ‘The Basics’ Early Seventy-six million American children were born between 1945 and 1964, and in our formative years, the most advanced piece of communication technology was the rotary dial telephone. Neighbors still talked over fences, joined in-person social

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  • #NAOTALKS: Ted Rubin’s New Way to Social Marketing

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    Originally posted February 11, 2015 by Jasmin Martin in Nao Talks ——————————- Ted Rubin is a veteran in the game of social marketing. He’s well known for being a brand strategist, keynote speaker and social media marketing influencer, but Ted is most recognized for evangelizing the term  Return on Relationship™ – a social marketing principle centered around the relationship between brands and their audience. Return on Relationship™ or ROR comes after brands effectively plan, build,  strategize and evaluate a social marketing campaign. If done correctly, brands will not only reap the benefits of return on investment, but they have also ensured long

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  • Social Media is the New Quality Control

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    If your product is fantastic, when identified and energized your Advocates will spread the word like wildfire. Social networks and traditional word-of-mouth will start buzzing with your product, and sales will reflect your Advocates’ delight. But your advocates won’t try to get someone to buy your sub-par product, and they certainly won’t apologize for you or your product. Don’t try to make your Advocates do that work for you, because they won’t… and they shouldn’t have to. The sale starts with your product, not your Advocates; your Advocates are simply the reward you get for

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  • Happy 20th Birthday to my Daughter Danielle

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    Dani, wishing you a very Happy 20th Birthday, all good things… confidence, love, and to be loved. You will always be my little angel and no matter how many years pass, you will always be that sweet, loving, and caring child who was my special little girl. I wish you faith, courage and determination to succeed in all walks of life. I will always be there to support you… in any way I can and/or you need me to be. Love yourself. Make peace with who you are and where you are at this moment

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  • Ted Talks About… ‘The Age of Influence’

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    Welcome to the ‘Age of Influence,’ where anyone can build an audience and effect change, advocate brands, build relationships and make a difference...

  • The Human Side Interviews Ted Rubin ~via @MitchJackson

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    About the Event: Ted Rubin is a leading Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker, Brand Evangelist and Acting CMO of Brand Innovators. In 2009 he started publicly using and evangelizing the term ROR: Return on Relationship™… a concept he believes is the cornerstone for building an engaged multi-million member database. According to Social Media Marketing Magazine, Ted is the most followed CMO on Twitter. Many who know Ted immediately point to his enthusiastic, energetic and undeniably personal connection to people as representing several of his strong traits. In addition to other accolades, he is #13 on

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  • Does Social Media Create ROI On Trust? – Ted Rubin ~via @MattCoffy [audio]

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    There’s no doubt, Matt, when people ask me what’s the ROI of social, I ask them what’s the ROI of trust and what’s the ROI of loyalty. These are two things that everybody in the C-suite understands. They all understand average order value, frequency of purchase, lifetime value of a customer, and all of those can be affected every single minute of the day if you’re engaging people and building a deeper connection. Matt Coffy: So today we have Ted Rubin who’s got a platform. He calls it Return On Relationship and this concept is

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  • The @PhillyTech_org Interview Show with Ted Rubin

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    About the Event: Ted Rubin is a world renowned marketer, speaker and consultant. He is best known for his philosophy of Return on Relationship. Ted is the author of many books on the subject of social media and relationships with your customers.  ~Seth Goldstein Originally posted on Philly Tech,...

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